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Hey, Brian Yale was an Amity Spartan.

I stumbled across this community somehow, I don't even know how... but I'd thought I'd post this because you'd appreciate it.

Brian Yale went to my (former, I'm in college now) high school. That's right. I was a HUGE Matchbox Twenty fan before I ever even found this out. I became a fan in like 7th grade and found out in like 10th grade. Yup, I went to Amity Senior High School in Woodbridge, CT and so did Mr. Yale. The music teacher that taught Brian is still at Amity and he's probably the only reason that anyone knows Brian went to Amity anyways. He even has a plaque of himself with Brian so there's no doubt about it. Yes, I have found his yearbook picture too...I wanna steal that yearbook and sell it on Ebay or something, hah. It's really bizarre because Matchbox Twenty was the first band I ever called my favorite and few people can claim such a connection to their first favorite band and to think I didn't even know about it until I had been a fan for a couple years.

That is all. Later. ;P
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