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"Unwell" Video

I noticed something today while I watched the "Unwell" video for the umpteenth time.

Brian is sitting alone on the plane.

It goes: (aisle) (window)
Adam Kyle
Paul Rob
Brian Random person

Poor Brian. ;_; At first I thought he wasn't even on the plane, but then I saw him there. He's not really in that video a lot, I noticed. I'm wondering if he doesn't want it that way? I mean, he does seem a tad camera shy. He doesn't usually go on shows with the band, and if he does he doesn't say *anything*. I know that we're all for appreciating Brian, but I'm wondering if maybe he likes being in the background? Or maybe he thinks he just couldn't cut it in the limelight with the rest of the band?

::Shrug:: Just some ideas that I came up with while watching the video. ^_^v
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