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I absolutely DIED when I saw this in my inbox!

matchbox twenty's first-ever in-concert DVD SHOW: A NIGHT IN THE LIFE OF MATCHBOX TWENTY--due out May 25 via Rounder--will be launched the night before with a One Night Only, coast-to-coast cinematic premiere at 40 Regal Entertainment Group theatres. The band--Rob Thomas (vocals), Kyle Cook (lead guitar, background vocals), Adam Gaynor (rhythm guitar, background vocals), Brian Yale (bass) and Paul Doucette (drums, percussion)--will be in attendance at the Los Angeles premiere.

Obviously I already knew about the DVD since I get the newsletter, but ON THE BIG SCREEN! GAH!!

I WISH I LIVED IN LA! Because I would go to the premiere just to see the boys. :x

I doubt there's anyone on this limited list who lives in LA, but if there is, I definitely want to know, if you go, what our boy Brian was wearing. I pray for the leather pants.

On another note, I think the nearest Regal Theatre to me is in New York, NY...anyone interested in attending the show with me? I wonder if they'll be doing more than one showing? I might have to work that day, but I REALLY~ want to go.

And of course I am getting the DVD. XD No questions asked.

But I'm so psyched that they'll be on the big screen! I CANNOT pass this up! Because I'm a huge fangirl!
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